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Miserable with your CPAP?

Are you dying to get a good nights rest?

Snoring could be a sign of obstructive sleep apnea, a medical condition that can shorten your life.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is defined as a temporary stoppage of breath lasting longer than ten seconds. In some people, this stoppage can happen a hundred or more times a night. Not only are these episodes interfering with your sleep, they can cause serious health risks by reducing the flow of oxygen to vital organs and creating irregular heart rhythms. Numerous studies have shown a direct link between sleep apnea and heart disease, diabetes, stroke, aging of skin and even death.

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Dangers of Sleep Apnea

Watch Interview with Dr. Noot

Watch Interview with Dr. Noot

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Snoring is often linked to a serious medical condition known as sleep Apnea and is 80% undiagnosed.

Could I have sleep apnea?

Quick Evaluation

Have you been told that you snore?
Do you grind your teeth?
Do you often feel tired, fatigued or sleepy during the daytime?
Do you wake gasping for air or has anyone witnessed you stop breathing while you are asleep?
Blood Pressure
Do you have high blood pressure or are you on medication to control high blood pressure?
Body Mass Index
Is your body mass index greater than 30?
Are you over 50 years old?
Neck Size
Are you a male with a neck circumference greater than 17 inches, or a female with a neck circumference greater than 16 inches or experiencing menopause?
3 or More Yes Answers:
High Risk of Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Less than 3 Yes Answers:
Low Risk of Sleep Apnea
Proper air flow at night has been credited to improve migraines and symptoms of depression.

Treatment Options

If Diagnosed With Sleep Apnea, What Are My Treatment Options?

In some cases lifestyle changes such as the following have been helpful:

  • Weight loss
  • Avoid sleeping on your back
  • Limit alcohol use and smoking

Sleep Apnea Retainers

Patients are not receiving the sleep and the oxygen they need at night. Dr. Noot's oral retainers keep the lower jaw in a forward position during sleep allowing the airway to remain open and giving patients the sleep and oxygen they need.

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Therapy

CPAP masks are tethered to a machine via an air tube. The CPAP machine forces air through the mask into the back of your throat stopping the tissue from blocking the airway. Research estimates that due to intolerance less than 50% of patients actually use their CPAP therapy.

Dr. Noot’s sleep apnea retainers are covered by 95% of all medical insurance.

The Comfortable Solution

Choosing a Sleep Apnea Retainer

There are many options for a sleep apnea retainer and they all promise you the same results. Some have proven clinical results while others are cheap, uncomfortable knockoffs that simply don't work, causing you more harm than help. Dr. Noot has spent years researching and testing sleep apnea retainers to identify the most comfortable, effective and trusted sleep apnea retainers on the market today.

FDA Approved

Choose a clinically proven, effective and comfortable solution that will last a lifetime. Dr. Noot's sleep apnea retainers are FDA cleared for the treatment of snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

Dr. Noot's small and discreet oral sleep devices are custom fit and adjusted and do not restrict movement during sleep. They also come with a three-year limited warranty.

Dr. Noot has fitted more sleep apnea retainers than any other doctor in Utah.

Introducing Dr. Arnoud Noot

Dr. Noot the Most Experienced Sleep Apnea Retainers Doctor in Utah

Dr. Noot has over 15 years of experience and specialized training for fitting and adjusting sleep apnea retainers. He works directly with our sleep apnea retainer manufacturers to make sure your sleep apnea retainer is precisely fitted for maximum comfort and effectiveness.

Dr. Noot guarantees his work for the life of the product, which includes all testing and adjustments of the sleep apnea retainer. As a member of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, Dr. Noot is committed to provide the best possible products and service at the greatest value to his patients, even offering discounts on replacement devices if needed.

Dr. Noot completed with honors the hospital residency program and received the Airforce commendation medal for meritorious service.

Meet Our Dream Team

Our office is set up with a full time staff to work solely on sleep apnea. We provide sleep tests to make sure your device is performing at the maximum level of unobstructed airflow and comfort. Our staff works closely with many local MDs, in fact, dozens of our patients are primary care physicians and chiropractors.

Our professional team will educate and train you in all aspects of your sleep apnea and treatment.

Sleep Test...In the Comfort of Your Home

Do I Really Need To Have This Overnight Test?

Yes You Do

Sleep apnea is a life threatening medical condition. Proper diagnosis and treatment will greatly affect your quality of life, and could possibly save it.

Simply Call To Schedule Your Home Sleep Test

When you arrive, one of Dr. Noot's certified technicians will calibrate the unit to your weight and height and instruct you on the proper fitting of the testing equipment. The Braebon® sleep measuring unit is trusted by medical clinics across the country. This unit, when used for two nights, gives accurate readings of your sleep behavior.

After your regular doctor analyzes your results they will recommend a diagnosis. If necessary, you will be referred back to Dr. Noot with a prescription for the fitting of an easy and simple retainer. You will also receive all of the education you need for your new retainer.

A properly fitted sleep apnea retainer from Dr. Noot allows you to fully open and close your mouth, drink water, take medication, talk, and move freely.

Actual Patient Experiences

“I have been able to sleep better and more restfully … my snoring problem has been resolved so my wife sleeps better as well!”
Medical Doctor
“Being CPAP incompliant, I’m terrified of having my face covered...the first night I received my device I slept better than I have in years! NO SNORING!”
“I love understanding what is going on during a visit and what all my options are."
“With my Sleep Apnea Retainer I sleep so much better and I do not have to take my sleep medications anymore!”
“It is very comfortable. Added benefit is that I don’t snore, that makes my wife really happy and if she is happy, I am happy!“
Watch Videos of Actual Patients
Your home sleep test results will be sent to your physician for recommendations.

Timeline and Insurance Coverage

Call For A Sleep Test

Swing by our office for your sleep test device and we'll show you how simple and easy it is to use. Then, for two nights, we'll measure your sleep performance, consult with your doctor, and accelerate you into getting the best night's sleep you've had in years.

Medical Insurance Qualified

Nearly all medical insurances are accepted, including Medicare. We'll take care of working with your insurance company, making your experience totally enjoyable.

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